Fine Art Lighting

As early as the 4th Dynasty, the Egyptians used small slits in the roof, like truncated pyramids to channel sunlight through pinpoint sources and direct it in a spotlight shaft onto a specific object, an object of beauty or an object of worship.

main_imageBased on a similar principle, the Laymance Projector utilizes a unique method of controlling to touch only the subject light rays from an unobtrusive source. Invented in Europe in 1923 by Rudolf Wendel, the projector was used first to illuminate the art in the great houses of France and England.

Since 1972, Laymance has produced and installed the Laymance projector, as well as other projector equipment, using light to enhance many prestigious art collections across the nation literally from sea to shining sea.

The following examples illustrate subtle and tasteful illumination of painting, sculpture, and tapestries, as well as other light effects achieved by the custom installation of the Laymance projector.

Laymance Equipment

The Laymance Equipment, not only the projector but the recessed flood downlight, cabinet fixture light and plant light were designed by Rudolf Pierre Wendel. He was the father of indirect lighting.

The most famous of the equipment is the Laymance Projector, used to illuminate the great art collections of the world including the Winged Victory in the Musee du Louvre, Paris. This projector was produced and installed by Laymance Lighting, a company which guarantees and authentic installation using the original Laymance concept derived by Wendel.

Extremely versatile, the projector can be installed to direct light at any angle from vertical to horizontal. It is most frequently installed above a ceiling but can be equally effective installed behind a wall or inside a furred down area.

The Wendel Endorsement

“Pierre would be pleased to know such high interest continues in the lighting systems which he created. My husband was devoted to his work, and he would be happy and I am happy realizing Mr. Laymance is carrying on in his footsteps with the enthusiasm, talent and taste reminding me of my husband. The illumination of a fine piece of art with the Laymance Projector is a meticulous job and requires devotion and respect for art, high quality equipment and superior, faultless workmanship, rarely found today.”

-Natalja Wendel
Santa Rosa, CA