3 Tips to maintain your lighting in optimal condition


Lighting maintenance aims to improve the overall functioning of your lights, and, also maintain energy efficiency, addressing design issues, safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

The best way to make your lighting maintenance is to make a checklist to serve you as a guideline with fixture cleaning and relamping schedule, not only for everyday maintenance practices but for optimizing lighting systems on a year-round basis.

Good light maintenance maximizes light output and keeps your bulbs burning energy-efficiently; in fact, poor maintenance can lead to visual degradation, can reduce productivity in a workspace, and contributes to higher energy costs, on other hand, a solid preventive lighting maintenance plan can slow light loss that translates into savings on initial installation as well as lower energy costs over time.

Many people do not have a detailed lighting maintenance schedule other than replacing burned-out bulbs. Is that your case?

If you are bound and determined to manage this task yourself, we have a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Cleaning Fixtures

The dirt collected on these surfaces could reduce the amount of light they reflect, you need to have a cleaning routine of lamps and luminaries, lenses, and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output.  Make your fixture lists one area at a time if you need to.

2. Component Replacement

Check that all the components you are going to replace match the originals, in this quality is key. This goes not just for bulbs, shades, and external parts, wiring, and other internal parts may need to be replaced.

3. Dimming Pre-Sets

Check dimming presets periodically. Presets can go off if and lose their configuration for several reasons. Having the desired presets for your dimming lighting, not only will make the most out of your lighting design, but also may cut down energy consumption.

Extra TIP: Professional Service

Get professional lighting maintenance every year so you don’t worry about a thing! Professional maintenance services do a lot more than check for burned-out bulbs. Energy measurements, in-depth revision, and a specialized team to evaluate and optimize your lighting goes a long way.

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