Top 5 reasons to choose led lighting


When it comes to your home or business, you may want to save as much money as you can on overhead expenses. But are you taking a comprehensive view of your entire operations in an attempt to figure out some cost-cutting measures? While much of your focus may revolve around things such as inventory and labor, you also need to accord some attention on details such as lighting. Unlike several decades back, energy efficiency lately is permeating our landscape and culture at unprecedented speeds. As such, you need to resort to products that use less of it. No matter how you perceive it, switching to LED lights is a smart move based on several notable advantages of doing so. Here are the top five reasons for choosing LED lighting solutions. 

  • Longer Lifespan 

Some homes and a majority of business entities need to have lights on for long. Using conventional light bulbs will mean that you’ll have to constantly replace them, unlike LEDs that have an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours or more! On average, light bulbs can only light for about 1,200 hours, meaning that LED lighting is an investment that will last for many years. In the case of urban lighting, LEDs long-life span wonderfully pays back, especially in terms of cost-saving in things such as maintenance. 

LEDs are designed to be reliable and durable, meaning that you can use the same lights for your home or business for even a decade. With LEDs, you save the hustle of having to replace conventional light bulbs within a short period. Looking around lately residences, personal homes, and many businesses are slowly beginning to embrace the, based on their long-lifespan or expectancy. 

  • Energy Efficiency 

Unlike conventional light bulbs, LEDs are highly energy-efficient. With the costs of electricity showing no signs of taking a reverse gear, nothing offers this promise better than LEDs. Perhaps, another bigger advantage associated with LED lighting technology is with regards to their energy-efficiency. For example, slightly more than 40% of a town’s or city’s costs of electricity go to street lighting alone!

But by resorting to energy-efficient LED lighting, such counts are reduced by a whopping 70-90%! With this, towns and cities save revenues that find use in other programs. LEDs are highly efficient when it comes to power to the extent that they pay for themselves in just a few years. For those operating a large storefront or office, this creates significant savings for them. Every hour that a home and business owner uses LED lighting, it’s like they are putting money back in their pockets. 

  • Non-Toxic and Don’t Produce UV Emissions 

Among things that matter the most in your life, arguably, your safety and health matter the most. LEDs are some of the greenest solutions available to man today. Unlike light bulbs, LEDs do not have highly toxic mercury in them to harm your health or environment. LED bulbs only release less CO2, nuclear waste, and sulfur oxide. 

The above is not all. Standard or rather conventional light bulbs are slowly losing ground to LEDs as they produce UV rays. UV rays are harmful to people and the environment at large as they cause diseases such as cancer. With all these and many more, LED lighting is by far the greenest lighting solution. LEDs have got no emissions at all, meaning that they are safe for nearly all kinds of operations, even for the extra sensitive ones. 

  • Silent and Produce Brighter Light

Have you ever used fluorescent lights before? There are chances that you are even using them now, and having to contend with all the noise it produces. Fluorescent lights are somewhat noisy, and depending on where they find use, this can be a bit annoying to your clients and staff. But this is not the case when it comes to LEDs which are very silent. LEDs never produce a sound and not even that low unpleasant hum. 

In addition to being silent as they continue to light, LEDs also produce a brighter light when compared to conventional light bulbs. They tend to emit or produce white, pure light, as opposed to a conventional one whose light is too yellow. This aspect is perfect as it ensures that your home or storefront is well lit to look attractive to your clients. 

  • Design and Color Flexibility 

Manufacturing LEDs lights to several shapes and sizes are achievable with a lot of ease. Better yet, one can dim LED lights for both residential and commercial illumination. A majority of airplanes use LED illumination to allow for normal sleep patterns and also to bridge jet-lags. Additionally, it is in use across classrooms globally, especially in cases where it does well to improve student learning. 

Research shows that LED illumination has achieved some tremendous results to bring about excellent lighting effects that influence the human mind. Rest assured of seeing more LED illumination finding use in people’s daily lives in a few years to follow. 

It is now a high time you began saving your hard-earned cash. Among some of the options to resort to, investing in sustainable and long-lasting LED lights is one of them. Do your part and save our planet. You can conveniently shop your LED lights either in wholesale or retail from Laymance Lighting where you stand to find a wide range of LED lights to suit all your needs. 


Energy efficiency is highly important for our survival. Now more than ever, we have to make some of the most conscious decisions regarding how we consume energy. Better yet, we must factor in other ways of going green and saving our environment. Among some of the options to consider, investing in sustainable and long-lasting LED lights is one of them. Do your part and save our planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Do so by investing in LED lights right now. Turn to them immediately to enjoy all the benefits that they offer. You can conveniently shop your LED lights either in wholesale or retail from Laymance Lighting where you stand to find a wide range of LED lights to suit all your needs. 


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